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Welcome to my site! We are located in Owensboro Ky, and specialize in sports photography. We do baseball, softball, football, soccer, cheerleading, any and all sports! Our team pictures are of unbeatable quality. If you are tired of the same old stuff, year after year, give us a call! We can shoot in a enclosed trailer that we bring to your site, with several different backgrounds available. Just a quick note here on picture size, whatever size you want, you will see a very nice working crop feature during the checkout, just adjust it to the part of the picture you wish to keep. You can zoom in on any part of the picture you want! Spend a few minutes playing with this feature if you are not familiar with it, it is very powerful for getting the picture you want. If you need a 16 X 20 or bigger, please email or call before ordering for a possibly better price. Every picture on this site will print smooth, sharp, and clear. Do not judge our picture quality by the downsized version you see on your screen. They are resized much smaller so they load quickly. There is a link at the top of your shopping cart to buy the image if you want to download it, and print it yourself. click here.

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